About Groupe Houde

With over 35 years of experience, our family-owned business has built an enviable reputation in the residential construction of contemporary houses. Whether you prefer a modern style with spacious living areas or a more traditional look, our passionate team will bring your dream home to life.

Groupe Houde: Excellence in Residential Construction

Groupe Houde stands out as a renowned company specializing in the construction of single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums, and other types of residences. We believe that the quality of life begins with the quality of the habitat, which is why we strive to achieve the highest standards at every stage of the construction process.
At Groupe Houde, we understand that every family has unique needs. This is why we make it a priority to collaborate closely with our clients to understand their needs and requirements.
Innovation is at the heart of our approach. We integrate the latest architectural trends, sustainable construction technologies, and eco-friendly solutions to design homes that are both up to date and environmentally sound.
Choosing Groupe Houde means choosing a residential construction experience without compromise. We take pride in contributing to our clients’ dreams by creating homes that blend functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. With Groupe Houde, every home becomes a place where memories flourish and life finds its fulfillment.